Monday, January 17, 2011

Post Orientation Reflection

The first of highlight of the Orientation is the successful conquering of one of the 9m high element. I was glad that I did not fall from the element.I was rather afraid of heights and I have never looked down from a great height just standing on a cable hooked on ropes .

The second highlight was the wonderful performance put up by our class. I did not expect the skit to go so well as we did not prepare a script and rehearsal.The last highlight of all is to get to know my new classmates of 2011.

There some low moments during the orientation and the last two weeks, one of it was during camp when i did not challenge the rock wall which i really wanted to because of its level of difficulty.The other low moment was

I learnt that everybody has its own strength and weakness. The greatest takeaway from the orientation was realizing that I have got over my fear of heights. Another takeaway I had from the orientation camp was to lead the class into doing a assignment.

I learnt that by taking a bold step forward you will never guess the outcome.I surprised myself by proving to me that I could overcome my fears and it is possible. I  have never dream that I would climb a intermediate or high element . I had also learnt to try for anything and do not give up in the first place.Give it your best in everything you do.

I look forward to my new CCA that I am joining which is the media club.

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