Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 1 Mac Attack 1 - Activity 4: End-of-Day-Reflection

I have got to know our form teacher (Ms Lim) and classmates during the admin period and as well as the icebreaking games like: 'Blow Wind Blow'.I had familiarized with my register number, locker and house colour. I have learnt the SST cheers and batch dance at the hall, taught by the wonderful  PSLs.

 After the interesting lessons of SST cheers and dance, Ms Lim had begun to guide us into the discussion of the 3'R's. After sharing our ideas and definitions with the class.Together with Nina, Yi Chieh and Wei Siew, we  form a group  to complete the activity. We have to pen our ideas on a large sheet of paper and choose the best one that represents us.

 After lunch, there was a briefing about the orientation camp on 6th Jan to 8th Jan 2011. At about 2:30 p.m.  , We got started on the Day 1 Mac Attack 1 Activities. Ms Lim shared with us the ground rules and the review of the things we had discussed today. We started of with the first activity- a self introduction of myself . I finished my self introduction within minutes to spare. Ms Lim ended the day and told us our homework

------ I have learnt that a secondary student has to adapt to being a responsible person, the important roles to play at school and the rights that I have . Being a cyber citizen, I have to know my limits and control myself .

------- I am curious about the different and interesting way of learning in SST. I am also interested in applied subjects like media and bio-technology as these subjects are not comman in secondary schools.

------- I hope to achieve for SST and represent the school in competitions.

                                 This picture illustrates my growth  in school through the activities conducted . As a group member of the team, I should be participating actively in the group's discussion and I have the responsibility to be sure that we finish our task within the time limit.

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