Monday, April 25, 2011

CE lesson reflections about Diversity ( Monday - 25/4/11)

1.  Name 3 things you have learnt in this lesson.

I have learnt that every single one of us is unique in their way . We are different from each other in the details even if we appear to be the same as a whole . We should embrace diversity around us.

2.  2 things you have enjoyed in this lesson.

I have enjoyed the activity where we arrange ourselves according to our birthday without communicating and the part where we discussed about our first thoughts that run through our minds when Miss Lim told us to embrace people who were different from you ( diversity).

3. Apart from food , how can differences and diversity be beneficial ?

We can learnt more what others think from the different perspective and allow us to cultivate a accepting nature towards differences.

Mavis Cheng    25/4/11 Monday

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