Friday, February 11, 2011

Reflections on the making of CNY Hamper .

1.What are we doing?What have we done?
We are discussing as a class on the items that we were to get for the hamper.We have bought decorations and the food with the class funds. After buying the items, same of our classmates work together to wrap up the hamper. We have prepared a hamper and submitted it to be presented it as a gift for the elderly.

How do we think that we are affecting the recipients of the hamper? What will be different for them?

The recipients will be touched that someone remember and are concern about them. They will know that they are not alone and many still understand them. They will feel much more happier and excited to receive gifts of care . They sense that there are people who want to share the joy and festive atmosphere with them.They have more supplies for their needs and they would be more positive .

What could be our next stop to care for this group of recipients.
Follow them along to an trips to some places of attraction to company them . We can help the volunteers with the elderly if he/she needs any assistance in a certain way.

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