Thursday, December 16, 2010

My heart was leaping with joy when i first received the confirmed letter from SST!This was earth-shattering news for me as I had never dream that I would be selected among so many candidates.This was a good opportunity for me and I am going to treasure it.


  1. Do you mean 'This was remarkable news'? Earth-shattering has a slightly close meaning to traumatic, important or momentuous.

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  3. Hi Mavis :)

    Do you remember me, Cherin? (or rather the reporter who was interviewing you at A Day @ SST ? ) :D
    I thought I'll like to drop by at your blog :) (and I did)
    Well, I hope you are enjoying your holidays & the activities :)
    Treasure the place you have and do your best! :)

    I will be seeing you soon~!